Seasonal Honey Tasting Club


Seasonal Honey Tasting Club. Enjoy seasonal honey from Harbour Honey. 

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Seasonal Honey Tasting Club! 

Enjoy a season of honey samples for your tasting pleasure. Sign up for all 4 seasons and enjoy Harbour Honey all year round! 

Each season includes:
+4 X 20ml honey samples (infused, batch, or seasonal honeys)
+Wooden Honey Dipper
+Special Bee-related Goodies

*Limited supplies. Perfect gift or special treat for yourself.
All products are from Harbour Honey or locally sourced. 

Spring Club: March, April May (Ships in March)
Summer Club: June, July, August (Ships in June)
Fall Autumn Club: September, October, November (Ships in September)
Winter Club: December, January, February (Ships in December)

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